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The Glow Wand

The Glow Wand

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The Glow Wand is Our 3-in-1. With Three diverse LED light modes and multiple skincare functionalities. Harnessing the power of red phototherapy, it targets aging, smoothing wrinkles, and fine lines, while offering three massage modes for facial and neck relaxation.

Experience unparalleled skincare with our innovative cleaning mode, maintaining pore cleanliness and skin lustre. Transition to the second mode for skin relaxation, enhancing product absorption and reducing fine lines. Activate the hot mode for skin tightening, collagen promotion, and overall skin restoration.

Enhance your skincare routine with Aura's red light therapy Glow Stream, featuring a heat function for accelerated cream or lotion absorption, resulting in radiant, firm skin. Elevate your skincare regimen with The Glow Wand

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